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Difference Between Rotating Shuttle And Shuttle Hook In Sewing Machine

Nov 24, 2017

In life, there are always winding problems when sewing with machines,especially the winding problem of spinning spindle of sewing machine,we summarized 6 common problems about the rotating shuttle:

1,If the machine is used for a long time,wire clamping device, wire hook Mochu formed small groove or burr, thus leading to the surface line is not smooth, which block.

2,The shuttle used for too long, and the rotating shuttle frame door shaft wear serious, the bobbin case overall bias, the surface line hook to hook into the shuttle shell or shell on the shuttle shuttle skin adjusting screw.

3,The bottom line spring is damaged and deformed in use, especially the tip is too close to the shuttle to touch the face line.

4,Bottom scissors location is not correct.The fixed knife is moving toward the needle position to the keyhole is shit, right column surface line will touch the fixed knife and broken, and broken line wrapped around the hook.

5,Noodles too loose, the equipment easy rolling line, easy around the hook after the shaft.

In the lock stitch sewing machine,the shuttle body is driven by a half rotating mechanism, and the mechanism of the lock stitch is formed by hooking the shuttle and the shuttle core sleeve with the shuttle thread by hooking the loom needle ring with the swing machine.The shuttle was swinging,it is not easy to have bottom line knotting.

In this special sewing machine industry, sewing machine rotating shuttle is very common. In addition to the rotary shuttle sewing machine, GreatRich also have sewing machines with shuttle hook,such as GR-168/2-SC machine model,it is specialized for litz wire.So you can learn more about our products on our website at www.GRshoemachine.com