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Energy-saving Motor Characteristic

Apr 05, 2017

1. save energy, reduce long-term operational costs, very suitable for use in textile, fans, pumps, compressors, energy-saving Motors acquisition cost can be recovered every year; 2. Direct starting, or inverter, can replace the asynchronous motor 3. Rare earth permanent magnet motor itself may be higher than the average energy efficient electric energy saving more than 15 ℅; 4. Motor power factor close to 1, to improve power quality factor, no need to add power factor compensator; 5. Motor current is small, and transmission and distribution capacity and overall operating life savings; 6. Energy-saving budget: a case study of 55-kilowatt motor, high efficiency motor motor power 15 ℅ than the average tariff per unit calculated as 0.5 Yuan, uses energy-saving motor power within one year may recover the cost of replacement motor.