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Evolution Of A Pair Of Shoes

Mar 24, 2018

A shoe may be defined as a garment worn on a foot. The main purpose is to protect their feet. Recently, footwear has become an important part of fashion accessories. While their basic purpose remains protection, decorative or defined style statements have become their additional and important function. There are many types of shoes, boots, sandals, slippers, etc. They are broken down into various types according to their use. Such as athletic shoes, rubber shoes, high heels, lace-up shoes, high-heeled shoes, casual shoes, flat shoes, school shoes and the like. Shoemaking can be considered a traditional handicraft specialty. However, with the progress of science and technology, machines have already replaced manual work. Traditional shoes have a single type, and available fabrics are limited. Now a variety of materials can be used to make shoes, such as leather fabrics, plastics, rubber, fabrics, wood, jute fabrics and metals are very common materials. As long as it is comfortable and beautiful to wear.
In addition, manual for a pair of perfect shoes, need more than 200 operations to complete. But now, just a moment is enough, because to the process has been mechanized and efficient and labor - saving.
Hongyu shoe machine is necessary to make shoes, belongs to the sewing stage, this step is completed, the following process is mainly human participation, such as waxing, running-in edges, packaging, etc.