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Exquisite Goodyear Technology Footwear

Apr 05, 2017

Feet: specializing in custom hand made shoes is the uniqueness of each pair of shoes is made completely according to the customer's foot size. Prior to this need in the footwear production, accurate measurement of customers ' feet.

Foot is done requires specialized technicians. Various parts of the need to foot length, width, height, make precise measurements. These data are an important basis for production of shoe. Last: a pair of handmade shoes had to rely on the shoe to complete. By acquiring customer foot size data, the last Division modeled on customer foot shape into a shoe mold. Shoe is like the foot of "models". Modern shoe design process involved in ergonomics, mechanics and many other disciplines. On manual skills and experience requirements are very high. A pair of professional technicians to make the shoe not only reflect the beautiful shape of the shoe, made shoes also decides the final makes it a perfect fit.