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Goodyear Machines Shoes How To Look At The Process?

Oct 23, 2017

Goodyear machines shoe technology is a unique production of the world's top shoes, the sewing technology can be called synonymous with high quality. Simply put, is the upper and soles sewn together, this superb bonding technology to ensure the comfort of shoes, waterproof and solid degree. At the same time it also ensures that each shoe can be re-combination several times, increasing the shoes of the durability.

A pair of special use of Goodyear machines shoes craft custom shoes is how to baked? Recently, the reporter in Shanghai, together with the domestic fashion media, to share the whole process.

Bring the media to share the French footwear brand J.M. Weston, in its shop in Shanghai State Gold, professional master demonstrated the relevant process and footwear maintenance steps. J.M. Weston1891 was founded in the country, has always been Goodyear Stitching (Goodyear shoes) as the golden rule of the shoe-making process, the traditional skills and innovative design perfectly arranged to create elegant New Classics, Casual Chic and Casual Sport series.

First, cut a small part of the bottom edge of the shoe, cut the part of the cut, and the bottom of the shoe inward, forming a shoe insole support, and then in the edge of the incision with a canvas to strengthen, make it more solid; The stitching of the upper and the insole, and the stitching along the strip (a belt that connects the upper and the outsole); then, the two sutures are carried out. First, the upper, the bottom of the shoe wall and the three sections along the first round of suture, followed by filling the oak filler, so as to ensure the maximum air permeability and shock resistance, and then the outsole and along For the second round of suture. Finally, nail the heel to complete the whole process.

J.M. Weston's personalized custom also attracted the attention of the live media. First of all, in the custom book to find their favorite style, custom book content, including leather types, color, surface treatment, soles and heel of the various details. Professionals will help customers pick out the most appropriate and comfortable size and width in existing shoes. After 3 to 4 months of carefully crafted, a pair of unique personalized custom shoes to complete. Before you choose, such as leather, color and car lines, including even a variety of suture color and the effect of the final suture, including a variety of samples to see reporters dazzled. It is said that in the production plant, to provide customers with more than 100 different cortex, such as calfskin, turning fur, patent leather, rare skin and so on. Rare leather has shark skin, lizard skin, American wild boar skin, goat skin, ostrich skin, python skin for selection.