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Goodyear Making Process Description

Apr 05, 2017

Sewing shoes, used along with the outer edge with double sewn, uppers and soles clip firmly to form one, can withstand any kind of impact and kinking. In the midsole and outsole shoe forms a cavity between, can be isolated from the moisture, and lay a layer of Cork, thus ensuring maximum breathability of the shoe. In addition to ensuring thorough wicking function, footprints in the soles will also form a natural, customers in the first 15 days, with the force of the foot soles will reshape, became a Deputy with the feet which corresponds to the "sole", achieve the effect of fitting and comfortable walking. In today's world, the most distinguished of the top-level handmade Goodyear shoe customization services, from the foot to the final product to 4-6 months time, you need to use more than more than more than 300 processes complete. Goodyear Welt hand-made shoes are also known as "hand-crafted work of art."