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Goodyear Technology And Prague (Brogue) Embossing Decorations

Apr 05, 2017

Black (Brogu) is an elegant upper decorative style. Can be divided into full black (Full Brogu), half-black (Semi-Brogu) and the series of other derivatives. Orthodox style black shoes originated in Scotland, when the activity is often used in the ceremony wear, also known as "wing". Characterized in the leather on the toe part of decorative punching pattern. Shaped like a "w" and side extensions like the wings of a bird. Braque development since the 19th century, became a classic upscale men's shoes styles. At first only a few black models. In 1880-1889 years between, distribution in Paris, and London, and Munich, and Vienna and Budapest of world more has prestige of business shoes workers square of craftsman are gradually development out has Oxford shoes (Oxford), and de than shoes (Derby), and Monk shoes (Monk), and shallow mouth slippers (The Slipper), and summer shoes (Summer Shoes), and boots (Boots), and golf shoes (Golf Shoes), and (Spectator), style genre.