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Goodyear Technology Classic

Apr 05, 2017

Oxford Shoes [Oxford], also known as shallow strappy shoes. Because it is the most elegant of English gentleman in the world. Standard style Oxford shoes in around 1830 workshop was founded by John Lobb, but he's really into the fashion field in 1880. The famous American dancer – Fred Astaire (Fred Astaire) is Oxford's loyal fans, he wears Oxford shoes in film acting. Derby shoes [Derby] is a very popular on the European continent open strappy shoes. Compared with Oxford, Derby, the tongue of the shoe and the uppers are linked together, and both shoes between the ears unlike Oxford shoes, is closed, but there are some space, which makes it easier to adjust the tightness after wearing. Derby shoes full of shoes provided by inner space, is really to give the wearer a comfortable feeling. Meanwhile, in the upper retaining the soft and elegant decoration.