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History Of The Goodyear Process

Apr 05, 2017

Goodyear Welt process [Goodyear Welted] is one of the world's top footwear's unique production process. For inventing "Goodyear welted construction shoe-making technology," Charles. Goodyear Jazz got its name. Dating back more than 200 years of history. Charles. Goodyear Jazz [Charles Goodyear Js.] -19th century American inventor is famous because of the invention of Vulcanized rubber, known as the "father of rubber." Now a famous American rubber manufacturer (Goodyear tire and rubber company) was named in honor of the great inventor. But Goodyear shoes and rubber tires are not necessarily linked. Charles. Goodyear Jazz do their lives engaged in invention, in 1871, ' "Goodyear welted construction shoe technology" for a United States patent. Around 1874, Charles. Goodyear footwear Jazz joints along the edge-referenced made suitable for the production of high quality shoes (Goodyaer Welted Handmade shoes) of equipment.