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How Does The Insole Stiching Machines Handle Stretchable Textiles?

Jul 05, 2017

In principle, the computer Insole Stiching Machines has a stretch of textiles, to use round needle needle. However, it is important to be able to use a thick needle, since the coarse needle is more likely to have stretchable yarns, and the friction between the needle and the stretch yarn increases, The use of the 10 # needle of the circular needle tip is embroidered with Insole Stiching Machines with more than half of the Insole Stiching Machines, and no more than half of the cost of the Insole Stiching Machines is used to worry about taking additional remedial measures to achieve satisfactory results.

Insole Stiching Machines The round tip only moves the yarn aside, rather than the tip needle tip may cut or penetrate the yarn (through the yarn), but one thing to consider is that when a small needle is used to sew the thick Textiles, the needle due to low strength, often resulting in puncture textile skew too much, and the formation of gaps, resulting in jumping needle. In this case, be sure to use a thick needle to test the seam, to find the right needle, it not only have the least jump needle, but also to avoid a large number of fiber line rupture.

Insole Stiching Machines sewing the number of layers of flexible textiles, the greater the ratio of damage, when the needle through the textile, the layer between the layer of friction, to prevent the line to the side of the stretch.

Insole Stiching Machines in the embroidery of flexible textiles, people often encounter the following problems:

(1) The needle is cut or penetrated with stretchable yarn (colloidal or artificial glial), so that it is easy to break the stretchable yarn, and the stretchability of the textile and the stability of the seam are weakened.

(2) The needle tip may have a stretch of yarn from the textile, or between the needle and the stretch of the yarn between the friction, the latter may be pulled out of the textile, and become a ring.