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How To Follow Up On The Patterns Sewing Machines Industry

Jul 14, 2017

Today, the garment industry has been a large move west, the new garment industry park, the new garment factory, the new production workshop ... ... faction scene, which will inevitably bring a series of new sewing equipment needs. Henan Yiyang Garment Co., Ltd. Purchasing Manager Wangjing Li told this reporter: "Recently, in Zhengzhou, there have been a lot of new Patterns Sewing Machines distribution point, which is some of the previous understanding of the brand, and some are we did not Many manufacturers and distributors are directly to find us, introduce us to their products.Although the overall price change is not, but at least we can choose a wider range. We also changed the original Of the procurement plan, in a reasonable price range, we will be more to choose some big brands, reliable products. The nationwide garment industry gradient transfer, the Henan garment enterprises is also a good thing, on the one hand there Competition has progress, on the other hand to Henan to create a better industry atmosphere, like this piece of equipment is very obvious, previously inconvenient to buy the equipment has now been sent to the door.

Sewing equipment industry and the garment industry is the relationship between teeth and lips, the need for interdependence, the garment industry every step of the layout adjustment will bring Patterns Sewing Machines industry corresponding adjustment. But is it coordinated between the two? Is the pace or change? Is the point-to-point adjustment or Patterns Sewing Machines industry reshuffle? These real problems have been urgently placed in front of the sewing equipment industry.

Let us first look at the domestic Patterns Sewing Machines industry, the original industrial layout, after 30 years of rapid development, China's six major Patterns Sewing Machines producing areas are: Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing and Tianjin, Guangdong, Shaanxi, Jiangsu. From the geographical location of the six producing areas is not difficult to see, although there is the beginning of reform and opening up the national policy to guide the shadow, but more to see the Patterns Sewing Machines industry and clothing manufacturing industry between the dependency relationship. If the eighty-eight century home Patterns Sewing Machines brought about by the prevalence of Patterns Sewing Machines manufacturers almost all over the country, but after the nineties after the disappearance of household machines, as well as coastal garment processing industry by leaps and bounds, which led directly to the Patterns Sewing Machines industry today Industry distribution map.

Guangdong is China's Patterns Sewing Machines dealers focus on the distribution of regional, while Guangdong is also the focus of the industry out of the region, the industry is naturally concerned about the next move in Guangdong local dealers. To this end, this reporter interviewed the Guangdong Dongguan Xiangxing car company chairman Liang Fuxiang, he said: "We have always believed that 'the best service is the fastest service', before we use this sentence to ask for service speed , And now we have to use this sentence to call for the credibility of some of our long-term cooperative relationship with the garment enterprises have been built in the inland, then we have to be responsible for these customers, they choose Xiangxing that trust Xiangxing , This critical period we can not let them down.Currently our service team has done a full line to follow up, as the sales team to follow up, but also need further planning and adjustment. "In the interview, the reporter also learned that Planning this time the transfer of the industry at the same time, Patterns Sewing Machines and dealers more consideration or how to cooperate with the upgrading of the apparel industry to provide more advanced mechanical and electrical integration machinery, how to help enterprises improve production management and so on these issues, with these Change, the entire eastern part of the Patterns Sewing Machines sales pattern changes will gradually highlights it.