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Many Faults Of Other Special Sewing Machines Can Be Solved Simply

Jun 13, 2017

Other special sewing machines refer to sewing machines used in the service industry between domestic sewing machines and industrial sewing machines. Types are: Strapping machine, inspection machine, to wire machine, knot machine, sticky liner machine, multi-function fancy machine and so on.

The use of other special sewing machines, many faults can be simple to solve, do not have to ask the mechanic to make a fuss. For example, a switch, or even a replacement of a machine needle, once the effect can avoid prolonged downtime or because of the demolition of the face of the wolf is unbearable. Small series in this summary sewing process common glitches and the way to remove, brainstorming, for your reference.

1, other special sewing machines sewing suddenly stop, the hand wheel is heavy stagnation.

Possible causes (hereinafter referred to as "Reason"): The sewing machine is working in a low-speed state; overheating of the machine may result in automatic shutdown of the motor power (poor quality sewing machine). Solution (hereinafter referred to as "settlement"): Power off and wait 20 minutes, the safety device will reboot, the sewing machine ready to start work.

2, do not take the needle

Other Special Sewing machines reason: presser foot not put down; spindle spool is not in the correct position.

Solution: Replace the empty spool, recognize the needle, put down the presser foot, the spindle spool pressure to the end and left to position;

3, sewing machine to do and stop

Other Special Sewing machines reason: The presser foot does not match or the machine needle collides presses the foot;

Solution: Replace the presser foot, remove the machine needle and install the new needle.

4, the Surface line disconnection

Other Special Sewing machines reason: On-line method is improper, line knot, line tension is too big, machine needle bends, blunt point or have trachoma (cheap machine needle common disease), machine needle size is not fit, sewing machine needle is improper;

Solution: Return to normal line, eliminate line knot, adjust clamp pressure, replace machine needle, replace the proper size machine needle, place machine needle properly, (more exciting information focus on sewing equipment Home) Change line or change needle;

5, Bottom line disconnection

Other special Sewing machines reason: Spindle core is not fully inserted into the shuttle shell, spindle core is twisted, spindle in the shuttle shell is not smooth, spindle in the shell or shuttle yarn.

Solution: The spindle core is carefully loaded into the shuttle shell, the shuttle shell is sorted out, the spindle may be damaged;

6, jumper

Other Special Sewing Machines reason: The line tension is too big; The machine needle is bent or blunted, the needle size is not correct, the thread is not worn through the thread-picking rod, the pressure foot is not enough and the needle is improperly positioned.

Solution: Adjust the line tension, replace the machine needle, select the appropriate size machine needle, replace the machine needle or line, check the threading step, increase the pressure of the foot;