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Moccasin Sewing Machine -development History

Oct 30, 2017

Moccasin sewing machine belonging to a shoe line. In the process of shoes, because some shoes design needs, must use thick lines of various colors, have laid the connecting sheet and the side plate holes of the upper, this is the jargon seam line.This thick line called mark line which is double twist on pure polyester line,and has a lot of specs.Using the machine instead of manual operation, this machine is called moccasin sewing machine.

Now more and more high labor costs, the traditional manufacturing process, especially the shoe process, need a large number of production workers, manufacturing, especially manual process, need skilled workers, and many of the staff to operate in sewing moccasin during the manufacturing process.Finally,the moccasin machine came into being.It is developed due to the market need a shoe manufacturing machine.

The moccasin machine structure principle is very complex, the development process is very long. The machine in the normal 8 hours of work time can stitch 400 double shoes,even more.This machine can stitch shoes and make sure that will save labor, high efficiency, good quality.

On the actual situation of China's industrial sewing machine development, the progress of social economy and technology upgrading, promote the development of high-tech products, the high demand for shoes will inevitably bring high demand for sewing equipment.The level of technology, quality and yield will continue to improve, to achieve leapfrog development, so as to better meet the society the group's material needs, promote the growth of our national economy and international market competitiveness.