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Operating Rules For Household Electric Patterns Sewing Machines

Jun 23, 2017

Patterns Sewing Machines operation is the main stage of sewing, sewn sewing is mainly in the process of running to complete. Mastering the Patterns Sewing Machines in the operation of the low speed, medium speed and high speed operation, is the use of Patterns Sewing Machines main skills. A variety of operating speed control, the main sub-material thickness and length, which is in the long-term practice to master.

The purpose of the speed training is to allow the user to control the speed of the Patterns Sewing Machines, many patterns sewing machine novice often overlook the process, the Patterns Sewing Machines to buy home, it is anxious to do this, the result is to take the time, The fabric, broken broken thread does not say, some people Patterns Sewing Machines also appeared fault.

Home electric Patterns Sewing Machines speed of 600-800 per minute turn, for beginners to master the speed, learn the right way to use, and maintain a good use of Patterns Sewing Machines habits, the sewing level of the increase is very helpful:

First, you must learn to read the instructions, because many patterns of sewing machine lovers are in the mall to buy the Patterns Sewing Machines.

Second, the boot: first press the "ON" power button, power after the start of practice.

Third, pay attention to sitting and Patterns Sewing Machines to keep in line, hand, arm can send and send is appropriate.

Fourth, the pattern of sewing machine will not make, one of the most telling the standard is the hand, eyes, brain, feet can be coordinated. To learn to control the speed; start, the bike board, forced to light, to control the slow operation; operation is not skilled, keep slowly turn uniform speed, operation gradually training, may be appropriate to improve speed.

Five, hand and car to maintain a certain distance, so as not to car needle hand, accident.

Six, in practice, pay attention to speed and gestures, straight lines, to be smooth, the car line, gestures to be natural.

7, stop sewing, you must press "OFF" shutdown, and then lift the presser foot, so as not to press the foot and send teeth friction.