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Pattern Patterns Sewing Machines To Re-enter The People Living

Sep 29, 2017

In today's machine-made production has been very common now, patterns sewing machines appeared in the exhibition site, what kind of mystery in it? Ben Wang reporter with you to find out.

In the corner of the exhibition area, stood a small patterns sewing machines, hanging on the wall with a variety of styles of patchwork handbags, cosmetic bags and wall, etc., carefully looked and found: they are a piece of small pieces of cloth together. A piece of art with the works like the publicity of the international community is very popular classical aesthetic range of children, the integration of different national characteristics, it is not put it down, crowd of people from time to time to pick up a mirror in front of their own up Package to the pretty look.

It is understood that the birth of these works of art because of the existence of a mysterious patterns sewing machines - multi-function sewing embroidery machine, just in the computer design their own patterns and patterns, and then plug in the USB interface, the fabric preparation So that you can make your own pattern. This patterns sewing machines comes with 108 kinds of patterns, can be arbitrarily combined, you can also design their own favorite patterns on the computer, through the USB interface and patterns sewing machines connection, you can use the patterns sewing machines stitches in the fabric sewing their desired pattern The Although the general fabric can also be used, but would like to make exquisite workpieces will have to use imported pure white fabric, the pattern sewn up.

The pattern is completed only to complete the most basic fabric shading production, would like to make the same as the exhibits of the beautiful wall, but also according to their own needs cut into a variety of different shapes, hand-stitching together one by one, so, also To have a good idea and craft, to make a beautiful patchwork.

Compared to the practical function, this patterns sewing machines is more used to sew the creative material, you can enjoy the fun of creation, but also save time than pure hand-made, and this is the patterns sewing machines to re-enter the people's life Opportunity, it will be another new way to show their usefulness.