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Patterns Sewing Machines Industry Sales Model Is Changing

Sep 29, 2017

The 21st century, the new economy today, China's sewing industry to adapt to changes in the market, and gradually optimize the industrial sales model.

Manufacturing enterprises mobilization, from sales to marketing industry, an indisputable fact is that in the era of manufacturers dominated, sales channels in a subsidiary position, that time is "manufacturers to develop rules of the game." And when the Patterns Sewing Machines products began to surplus, the upgrading of products to speed up, coupled with the primary market, business sales network began to accelerate the scale of expansion, the Patterns Sewing Machines of the domestic market support point gradually took place.

First, change the marketing concept, so that marketing ideas towards the technical type, individual to organizational, emotional type to the service-oriented change, so as to grasp the market, close to the market, affecting the market, penetrate the market and maintain the market; the second is to strengthen the product Market positioning, highlight and strengthen the important position in the management of production and marketing, strengthen market research and intelligence collection, the establishment of a reasonable production structure and layout; Third, do a good job product promotion, expansion of marketing network. By participating in important domestic and foreign trade fairs related to sewing equipment products, seek cooperation, enhance sales of radiation, expand corporate reputation. At the same time, with strong strength, good reputation as a big user, the establishment of long-term stability of the marketing system.

Manufacturers work together to strengthen the industry self-discipline

In the market economy, manufacturers and vendors are interdependent. Professionals do professional work, make good professional money, which is the inevitable law of the market economy. Dealers and equipment manufacturers and equipment manufacturers should establish a very good relationship between the cooperation, to trust each other, professional equipment dealers and suppliers is a complementary relationship between. In the era of a buyer's market, the business reputation of China's sewing equipment manufacturers also needs to improve, how dealers communicate with manufacturers and users, and have a far-reaching impact on the splendor of China's Patterns Sewing Machines.

    Dealers broaden their thinking, value services become a trend

Recently, with the beginning of the hot market fell, sewing equipment market has entered a stable and stable development period, around the sewing equipment dealers tend to find a new market, and in the service to find new space.

In fact, with the progress of domestic equipment quality, users in the purchase of equipment vehicles have been more rational, awareness of rights to strengthen the expectations of the dealer service gradually increased, this service is through the pre-sale, sale, sale throughout the process of. Some dealers have also been aware of the increasingly fierce competition in the market today, to improve their quality of service, through the service to establish their own brand, is in the competition to survive, the development of the premise.

There are already dealers aware that the beautiful service shop is better to carry out business favorable conditions, but not to win the market decision conditions, the market winner will belong to those who practice hard work, improve the quality of service dealers.