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Patterns Sewing Machines Needle, We Should Pay Attention

Nov 01, 2017

Patterns Sewing Machines needle is one of the most basic accessories in garment processing enterprises, every day or even a few hours need to be replaced once. But this is a small needle in the selection of the time is also very knowledgeable, improper selection of needle can cause damage to the fabric or frequent broken needle, jump needle phenomenon.

Currently on the market sales of Patterns Sewing Machines needle mainly the German blue lion needle and the Japanese organ needle. Needle type is very much, the choice of machine needle when the main distinction between the number of factors are the following three points:

1. Device type

Take the blue lion needle as an example, where "UY 128" words indicate that the needle is suitable for burial machine. The Patterns Sewing Machines is "DBX1", the Patterns Sewing Machines is "DCX1", the keyhole is "DOX5", the flat button is "TQX1", and the button is "TQX7". In addition there are many different models corresponding to the needle type, in short, the selection of the first needle according to the type of sewing equipment to choose.

2. tip shape

Machine needle selection of the second factor is the shape of the tip, different brands of needle tip model that there are differences. General woven thick fabric pick pointed needle, knitted fabric round needle, knitting mesh larger round the choice of the larger, so as to avoid hook wire.

While the Japanese organ needle pointed to the needle as follows:

(1) S round head, small round head, suitable for high count of light and thin fabric;

(2) J round head, ordinary small round head, slightly larger than the S round head, used in ordinary fabrics, the needle is the needle rod thickness of 1/10 :;

(3) Q round head, small round head, is the organ needle in the smallest round needle, suitable for Patterns Sewing Machines and embroidery.

(4) B round head, in the round head, the needle is the needle rod thickness of 1/5, for low count of knitted fabrics.

(5) U round head, large round head, needle is the needle rod thickness of 1/3, suitable for mesh fabric Patterns Sewing Machines.

(6) Y round head, large round head, the needle is the needle rod thickness of 1/2, suitable for Patterns Sewing Machines the larger mesh special knitted fabrics.

In addition to the pointed and round tip, there are some special tip shapes such as "straight cutter (LL) and oblique knife type (LR) of the needle, it is suitable for sewing leather, can be cut in the fabric needle hole.

Needle number

Even in the same Patterns Sewing Machines, sewing different fabrics have to use a different needle. Practical experience shows that: thin fabric selection of small needle, thick fabric selection needle number. This is mainly due to the different needle number, the length of the needle and the diameter of the different. Thick fabrics require longer and thicker needles, and thin fabrics require finer and shorter needle.

Different needle number of the needle, in addition to the difference between the needle thickness, pinhole size, needle slot length is also different, so the choice of sewing thread, there are certain with the relationship.