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Patterns Sewing Machines Regular Training Is Very Important

Jun 23, 2017

We put the Patterns Sewing Machines to us here is divided into three levels: beginners, old-fashioned pedal Patterns Sewing Machines users, for machine type. These people on the Patterns Sewing Machines to understand the different angles, the use of different experiences, the perception of the Patterns Sewing Machines is not the same. With our many years of experience in sales, we have three different levels of Patterns Sewing Machines enthusiasts in teaching Patterns Sewing Machines knowledge and Patterns Sewing Machines operation, focusing on different from the pre-sale consulting, sewing experience, to post-sale explanation, as far as possible to be thoughtful meticulous. We have answered the questions of the Patterns Sewing Machines lovers and have been asked to ask no problems so far. Now we only on the various models of the network to do slim advice, it is a bit busy, please buy other models of Patterns Sewing Machines lovers forgive me.

We do not do online video, not can not, because we do a video will be free to take away someone else (it is upset).

We as much as possible directly on the purchase of Patterns Sewing Machines lovers to provide teaching services, we are to let us in here to buy Patterns Sewing Machines, so easy, play happy.

Patterns Sewing Machines in the use of the process, a lot of failure can be simply solved on the face, and do not need to mechanics to work, such as toggle about the switch, or even just replace the needle, if you can work can avoid a long time To suspend work and disassemble caused by the demolition of the workplace. Here are some of the sewing process often occurs in the small fault and its lifting method for your reference.

1, sewing in the sudden stop, hand wheel heavy delay.

Possible cause (hereinafter referred to as "cause"): The Patterns Sewing Machines is operated at a low speed for a long period of time; overheating of the machine may cause the motor power to be automatically turned off (poor quality Patterns Sewing Machines).

Solution (hereinafter referred to as "solution"): Turn off the power and wait 20 minutes, the safety device will restart, the Patterns Sewing Machines ready to work.

2, do not move the needle

Cause: The presser foot is not lowered; the shuttle shaft is not in the correct position.

To solve: replace the empty spool, re-check the needle; put down the presser foot; shuttle shaft pressure in the end and return to the left; lower buttonhole.

3, Patterns Sewing Machines to stop

Cause: The presser foot does not match or the needle presses the presser foot; the needle is caught and caught in the crochet.

Solution: Replace the presser foot; remove the needle and install the new needle.

4, broken lines

Reason: on-line improper way; line knot; line tension is too large; machine needle bending, blunt tip or a trachoma (cheap machine needle common disease); needle type is not fit; needle placement is not correct; needle with improper; sewing speed Too fast; threading without threader.

To replace the appropriate type of needle; proper placement of the needle; change the line or change the needle; to start the Patterns Sewing Machines at the speed; check the on-line step The

5, the bottom line disconnected

Reason: the bobbin is not fully inserted into the bobbin case; the bobbin is wound by the thread; the bobbin runs in the bobbin case; the bobbin case or the shuttle has yarn.

To solve: carefully reload the bobbin case into the bobbin case; sort the bobbin case; check the bobbin may be damaged; clean the bobbin case and bobbin.