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The Cause And Solution Of The Patterns Sewing Machines Card Line?

Jun 13, 2017

The general patterns sewing Machines is composed of the head, the base, the transmission and the annex four parts, as follows:

Nose: Is the main part of the Patterns sewing machines. It is made up of barbed material, hook line, picking line, feeding four mechanism and winding, pressing material, falling tooth and other auxiliary organs, the movement of each mechanism is reasonable to cooperate, circulate work, sew the material together.

Machine: It is divided into two forms, the table and the chassis. The platform plate of the Platform board plays the role of supporting head, while sewing operation is used as a worktable. Taiwan has a variety of styles, there is a bucket or many folding-type, cabinet-style, desk-type and so on. Chassis-type chassis support and storage head of the function, so that the patterns sewing machines easy to carry and keep.

Transmission part: The frame, the hand machine or the electric motor and so on components. The rack is the backbone of the machine, supporting the board and foot pedal. When using the foot pedal, the pulley is rotated by a crank, and the head is rotated by a belt drive. Most of the hand-cranked or motor is directly mounted on the nose.

Accessories: including needle, spindle, axe, oil pot, etc.

Thick patterns sewing machines to eat thicker than ordinary patterns sewing machines is much stronger, but sometimes there will be a card line fault. The reasons for the sewing machine card line are as follows:

1, in the sewing process sewing machine suddenly by a pile of wire stranded, the machine needle was clamped, can't move;

2, the sudden line does not go, repeatedly appear in the fabric under the phenomenon of the group; Cheong

3, the tension of the surface line inexplicable.

Patterns Sewing machines Common card line fault:

1. The machine needle of the patterns sewing machines appears to be curved.

2, wear the line forgot to rise pressure shin, or forget not to enter the machine needle front clip.

3, the pressure foot did not put down to start sewing.

4, no use of the wire frame, or the location of the line to put the wrong

5, spindle shell burr.

6, fabric thickness uneven, especially the seam bag, such as the sudden thickening of the edge cloth is too thin, soft, elastic, slippery, not easy to control. Knit cloth is the culprit, be careful.

7, or the surface of the material is not correct elastic or poor texture.

8, in the installation of existing installation problems, open to clean up, maintenance, not installed in place and so on.

"The Solution"

1. The screw on the shuttle sleeve is too tight or too loose. (Simple method, adjusting screws)

2. There is dirt. (Push the needle plate, remove the shuttle sleeve, shuttle bed, shuttle heart, wipe with cotton cloth, and then use the thick duck feather brush to send cloth teeth in the dirt, drip oil and then run)

3. The head clamp line, the spring is too tight or too loose. (Adjust the tightness, make it smooth, natural pull out)

4. For the card line problem, there are two prevention methods, one is the line bottom thickness to maintain consistency. The second is to follow the prescribed order of threading, can not wear wrong.

5. The gap between the swing shuttle and the shuttle bracket is too small.