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The Difference Between The Computer System And Traditional Pattern Sewing Machine.

Nov 24, 2017

Now more and more high labor costs, the traditional manufacturing process, especially the shoe process, need a large number of production workers.In making shoes manufacturing, especially manual process,it need skilled workers, and many of the staff in the process of joint operation.In the process of sewing the vamp pattern, the pattern machine came into being. It can be said that the pattern machine is a kind of shoe making machine developed for the needs of the market.

The pattern machine has the computer system precise control as well as the traditional Mark pattern machine.

There is no doubt that the benefits of computer sewing machine: 1、Increase Production.2、Reduce Workers.3、Improve And Stabilize The Quality of Products.4、Enhance Corporate Image.5、Reduce the Cost.6、Product Specialization.The efficiency of a computer pattern machine is at its highest speed. Our electronic control will effectively adjust the speed of embroidery machine. In the machine platen stability is not obvious vibration, to achieve the maximum speed of the machine running.But not to be ignored, the disconnection rate is also a direct factor affecting the efficiency of the computer pattern machine.

Although the computer sewing machine than the traditional sewing machine several times faster, but in the process of production, the speed requirement is not as fast as possible, which also need to consider the affordability of cloth and suture. The computer control system if there is a problem, the light pattern error, while the whole machine paralyzed.In addition, the change of computer pattern machine is realized by multi axis servo motor matching.Compared with the traditional mechanical cam drive, from the machine operation speed and precision collocation, the mechanical stability and durability of the obvious advantages.However, the transmission structure of the traditional machinery is complex, the design is more ingenious, and the cost is higher than the computer control system.

Special pattern sewing machine such as GR-188 and GR-81 and GR-747 pattern sewing machines,in the performance and customer feedback, GrearRich is also the top in the industry. The traditional sewing machine after skilled operation, you will find in the maintenance and technical support will be better than the computer embroidery machine.Maybe you can learn more about our products at www.GRshoemachine.com