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The Introduction Of Goodyear Welt Machine

Nov 22, 2017

Goodyear welt process is unique in a manufacturing process for the world's top shoe. Because Goodyear invented the "extension of the structure of shoemaking technology". Charles named Goodyear jazz. Now it has nearly 200 years of history.

It is the practice of manually uppers, soles in welt stitched together, and then paste the outsole. Goodyear welt structure is the production process of the world's top shoes. Goodyear unique handmade handmade shoes in the production link after cutting fracture system last - help - - with the heel joint bottom decoration 360 multi process.

Each process needs rich experience and skills of the shoemakers elaborate. The sewing process, the use of all natural hemp line is the result of rosin and other special materials produced. Goodyear welt process has the characteristics and advantages of firmness and wear resistance is, the vamp and the sole securely form one, can withstand any shock and kink. In the sole part, double seam leather outsole, ensure maximum wear resistance of leather shoes. A cavity is formed between the midsole and outsole, with moisture and isolation, laying a layer of cork, In order to ensure the maximum permeability of leather shoes. These are the highlights of Goodyear extension process.

Welt inseaming is good for processing integer and foot and welt stitching, make the combination of the three as a whole. Which plays a role in connecting the fixed upper and bottom, and plays the role of a bridge connecting with the outer bottom.
Which must be able to support two stitches, is a welt, help foot and the inner bottom (ridge building or glued seam stitching; two ridge) is welt and outsole suture.
Welt inseaming has actually become welt inseaming shoe structure and firmness of one of the most important link, welt inseaming quality affects the quality of the shoes.

The bent cone welt inseaming is the use of the bent cone holes, double curved needle double stitching relative suture, and does not constitute a line between two sets.
During the operation, with the first pedal with other tools and fix the shoe, the bent cone from the inner bottom line containing groove outward with a, followed by the inner bottom edge, and then help the foot, wear double needle suture through the opposite cone from both sides, hands will pull tight suture, make the skin and help foot stitched welt on the edge of the inner bottom and the Nutcracker hammer at the closed hole, so that is a complete cycle sewing, repeat the above operation, until the end, finally put the thread knot.
The bent cone welt inseaming, not with the double point, does not constitute a set of lines, so easy to suture pull tight, and while not a suture fracture after another thread, so this suture is firm.

The quality requirements of sewing welt:
1.The bottom surface of the sewing welt must flat structured, consistent with the overall shape of the bottom;
2.The suture should have certain strength, can withstand normal wear load; stitch uniform size; no bulge, disconnection, dew line, sewing quality defects such as exemption;
3.The hand sewn welt, and cone position in different parts of the difference, to meet the product wear requirements.