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The Principle Of Stitching In Sewing Machine

Dec 01, 2017

  At present,the line trace of industrial sewing machine can be divided into two kinds of chain track and lock line trace.Among them,the lock track is the most common,which consists of two lines.Like weaving rope,the interlacing point is in the middle of the seam.From the cross section of the line track, the two stitches lock together like two locks,so they are called lock lines.

  When the sewing machine works,the sewing needle leads the belt line through the seam,and rises up after reaching the lower limit position.Because there is friction between the material and the sewing thread,the surface line can not be synchronized with the random needle,but is detained under the seam material and expands to the two sides of the needle under the action of elasticity to form a ring type.Then the spindle tip of the shuttle arrives at the needle of the machine during the movement,passes through the line ring,and expands the hooked line continuously during the continuous rotation movement.When it comes to its own radius,it jumps over the extended line loop like skipping rope.The downward movement is to pick up the bar and take up the thread,and to send the cloth teeth to feed,so that these movements can have enough time to run smoothly.The spinning shuttle is still rotating at the original speed for a round,but no longer hooks,it just goes around in a circle.Due to the effect of wire picking,the original rotary shuttle expands and jumps over the surface line,and then shrinks rapidly until the bottom line drawn from the spindle of the shuttle spindle is dragging into the sewing material to form a single interleaving.When the needle reaches the upper limit position,the sewing machine starts again and again,and then repeats the above action process to form a continuous regular lock line trace on the sewing material.

  The lock stitch is suitable for seams,such as cotton,wool fabric or leather which with small shrinkage.

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