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The Sewing Part Of The Patterns Sewing Machines

May 31, 2017

Patterns Sewing Machines is one or more sewing thread, in the seam material to form one or more stitches, one or more layers of sewing materials intertwined or stitched up the machine. Sewing machine can sew cotton, linen, silk, wool, man-made fibers and other fabrics and leather, plastic, paper and other products, sewn stitch neat appearance, smooth and solid, sewing speed, easy to use. And derived from the derivative embroidery embroidery and other art forms.

General Patterns Sewing Machines by the nose, base, transmission and accessories composed of four parts.

The nose is the main part of the Patterns Sewing Machines. It consists of barbed material, hook line, threading, feeding four institutions and winding, pressing material, cutting teeth and other auxiliary agencies, the movement of the institutions with a reasonable, circular work, the sewing materials sewn together.

Chassis is divided into platens and chassis in two forms. The platen of the table is supported by the support head, and the sewing machine is used as a work table. Plates have a variety of styles, there is a bucket or multi-bucket folding Tibetan, cabinet, desk and so on. Chassis chassis chassis plays the role of support and storage head, so that the Patterns Sewing Machines easy to carry and custody.

The transmission part of the Patterns Sewing Machines is made up of parts such as frame, handpiece or motor. The frame is the pillar of the machine, supporting the platen and the foot pedal. When using the operator to step on the pedal, through the crank drive pulley rotation, but also through the belt to drive the nose rotation. The majority of the handpiece or motor is mounted directly on the nose.

Patterns Sewing Machines accessories include needle, bobbin, screwdriver, oil pot and so on.

Patterns Sewing Machines classification methods are many, more common is the distinction between traces and use. The stitching of the Patterns Sewing Machines can be grouped into two types of lock stitch and chain stitch. Lock stitch is the most common, it consists of two sutures, like twisted rope as intertwined, the intertwined point in the middle of the sewing material. From the cross-section of the stitch, the two stitches like the two locks locked each other, so called the lock stitch. This kind of stitch used in the shrinkage of small cotton, wool or leather and other sewing materials, front and back shape the same, as a dotted line. Stitch distribution is dense, sewing fastness generally more than manual sewing.

Chain stitch is suture line from the chain or interconnection made of commonly used single-chain chain, double-chain chain and three-line package stitch. This stitch is characterized by stitch elasticity, with the stitch together with the expansion and contraction without suture, for the linear fabric of the fabric or clothing is easy to loose loose products and blankets and so on.

In addition, the Patterns Sewing Machines according to the use can be divided into home, industrial, service industry with the machine, according to the drive can also be divided into hand sewing machine, pedal sewing machine, electric sewing machine