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The Working Principle Of Sewing Machines

Nov 11, 2017

Sewing machine with one or a plurality of sewing thread,a machine that forms one or more stitches on a seam to make one or more seams interwoven or stitched together Interleaving or stitch sewing machine sewing cotton, hemp, silk, wool, synthetic fiber fabric and leather, plastics, paper products, sewing stitch is tidy and beautiful, smooth and firm, it's easy to use.

There are many classification methods of sewing machine, generally distinguish between line and use distinction. Sewing machine stitch can be divided into lock stitch and chain stitch. Lock stitch is most common, it consists of two threads, like the rope that knit together, the interlacing points in the gap material. From a cross section of stitches, two stitches like two locks interlocked, so called lock stitch. The stitches used in small shrinkage of cotton, wool fabric or leather sewn, front and back of the same shape as a dotted line stitch density distribution. 

Chain stitch is made up by a suture line ring or even self interconnected, a single chain, double chain and three line hemming stitch is common. The stitch is elastic,it can be sewn together without stretching broken suture, suitable for wire elastic fabric or garment sewing easy to loose the products and clothing ect.

Generally,sewing machine is composed of four parts: head,frame,transmission and accessories.

The head is the main part of the sewing machine.It is made up of a needle bar,hook line,thread,feeding and winding mechanism,pressing down,teeth and other auxiliary mechanism.The movements of the institutions are reasonably coordinated and the work is done to stitch the seams together.

The frame is divided into two forms:bedplate and chassis.The platen frame plays a supporting role when operating the sewing head,as a table.It has a variety of types,there are a bucket or multi bucket folding, cabinet,desk and so on.The chassis of the case type frame plays the role of supporting and storing the head,so that the sewing machine is easy to carry.

The transmission part of sewing machine is composed of a machine frame,hand or motor components.The machine frame is the pillar,which supporting the platen and the pedal.When the pedal is stepped by the operator,the pulley is driven to rotate through the crank,and driven by a belt head rotation.The armhand and electric motor most directly mounted in the head of machine.