168FBP Industrial Sewing Machine for Making Bags

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Description for 168FBP industrial sewing machine for making bags:

This machine is suitable for sewing a plane surface of leather bags.The sewing thread is synthetic lines.The machine is driven by the HoHsing servo motor,the speed of stitching can be changed stepless,and the stop position can be controlled by the computer of the servo motor.


Characteristics for 168FBP industrial sewing machine for making bags:

All parts were manufacturered by HAAS CNC machines,which are of high precision.

Electronic speed motors can be used flexibly,stopping the needle posiyion via computer control.

Technical parameter:
Sewing speedStepless speed regulation
StitchDouble lock
Stitch length2-8mm
Stitch thickness1.5-5mm
Sewing needleDP*17
Motor750W/ 380V /50-60HZ
Domestic packing parameter150*56*128(L*W*H cm)
Exported packing gross weight114*66*140(L*W*H cm)

Details for168FBP industrial sewing machine for making bags:

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