Industrial Shoe Stitching Machine

Industrial Shoe Stitching Machine
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Introduction of industrial shoe stitching machine

1.Industrial shoe stitching machine is one of the series of GreatRich special sewing equipment

2.It is mainly used for sewing sports shoes, leather shoes and decorative edges of thick leather.

3.The industrial shoe stitching machine stitch is fed by chain stitch needles. the stitch is firm and especially good - looking.

4.The needle of industrial machine is a curved needle, which can better fit the edge of shoes for sewing.

5.This stitching machine is usually sewed with braided thread, because the braided thread has its own characteristics and the stitches sewn by this machine are more beautiful.

( you can also use cotton thread ,round thread to select stitches according to your preferences and needs )

6.The structure of this shoe machine is similar to GR- 202 outside line sewing machine, with sufficient feeding strength and stable performance.

7.The presser foot can be lifted manually or manually, which is convenient to operate.


Details of  industrial shoe stitching machine



The shoe sample of industrial shoe stitching machine


Some questions you might ask about industrial shoe stitching machine

1.Can I get the reply timely if I ask the question when I meet something wrong

Our working hours are 07: 20 - 17: 00 Beijing time, China. if there is a big time difference between you and me, we will reply to you as soon as possible when we see it  . If you are in emergency, you can call us directly .

2. I have seen many machines like yours. why do I choose you?

Many companies take goods directly from our factory or copy our machines. We are the factory direct sales, and the price and quality are more guaranteed.

3. Is your machine operate easily?
Yes, you can learn quickly through the introduction of instructions and videos, and even newcomers can adapt quickly

4. Can you communicate with us in languages other than English?
Sorry, we can use Chinese and English, and other languages need translation tools.So pls use English as far as possible

4. How long is the warranty period of your machine?
Generally, it is a one-year guarantee period, but in fact, a machine can be used for many years, premise is it needs your maintenance and repair.

Packaging of  our shoe machines industrial shoe stitching machine


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