Men Sandal Stitching Machine For Sale

Men Sandal Stitching Machine For Sale
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Introduction of men sandal stitching machine

The structure of the machine is special. The straight tube extension is very suitable for sewing cylindrical objects.But it can also sew the edges of footwear,such us the side wall of the men sansals.

Very large shuttle can withstand a long bottom coil to sew more shoes,save time and increase production.

The details of men sandal stitching machine


The needle is located at the foremost end of the straight arm. The edge of the shoe is placed 

against the needle plate at the front end,the needle can touch the sewing position and sew 

a stitch with uniform stitching.


The quality is well and can be guaranteed 

Men sandals samples


There are many types of men's sandals. The men sandals stitching machine is especially suitable for sewing the styles like the sampes display. The protruding edges can be sewn very well.

The package of stitching machine for sale 



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