Shoe Sewing Machine

Shoe Sewing Machine
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Introduction of shoe sewing machine

1.This shoe sewing machine is a very mature model with long service life of GreatRich.

2.This machine is mainly used for hemming and sewing all kinds of shoes.
3.This shoe machine has the characteristics of three-synchronous comprehensive feeding, large-size shuttle cylinder sewing platform transverse feeding and the like.
4.The machine's wide operating space and barrel structure are suitable for sewing large barrel products, such as golf bags, travel bags and the like.
5.This shoe sewing  machine can also be used for sewing the edges of everted shoes and beach shoes.
6.It has a hemming cylinder structure, and no manual assistance is needed when sewing hemming.
7.Shoe sewing machine adopts single-needle shuttle structure to form double-thread lock stitch with strong and stable feeding force.


Details of shoe sewing machine


The shoe sample display

sideline edge sewing.jpg

The view of workshop