Leather Shoe Pattern Making Machine

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Description for Leather shoe pattern making machine:

1.The machine is suitable for kinds of shoes upper moccasin stitching .

2.The machine has more than ten kinds of pattern can choose to sewing.

3.Various patterns can sewing by replacing cams and gear shifting devices.

4.The operation of the machine is easy to understand and easy to use.

5.The machine uses double-sided thread and bottom thread lockstitch. 

Presser foot automatic lifting, easy operation, stable performance.

6.This machine is driven by electronic motor, stepless speed adjustable.

7.Pattern has a fork, square, E - type, parallel lines and other types, single and double

 needle sewing different patterns. Feeding teeth feeding, stitch beautiful and novel.


Characteristics for Leather shoe pattern making machine:


Details for industrial  leather  shoe pattern  making machine:


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