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Moccasin Shoe Machinery
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Moccasin shoe machinery characteristics

The moccasin shoe machine is one of the type of special shoe machine series,which is suitable for the different kinds of shoes upper stitching,casual footwear,leather shoes ,etc.

The components of this machine are of good quality and are very durable. There are video guides for component replacement.

Moccasin shoe machine is made by our GreatRich factory with CNC HAAS equipments and other advanced imported machinery.


There are six sets of components for the shoes which catch to the different pattern effects.The specific effect can refer to the following figure.


747 moccasin machine shoe upper patterns.JPG

The machine for upper is smooth and fast,every pattern effect is well,stitches are even and sooth.

The parameter of maccasin footwear machine for shoes


We are a professional manufacturer for making special shoe machines and bag machines,there are over 50 models for the all shoestypes.

Hope that every friend can send a photo of the shoe and mark the stitches that you want to sew. We will choose the machine that suits you according to your shoes.