Pattern Hemp Sole Shoes Machine Equipment

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Description for pattern  pattern hemp sole shoes machine equipment

This  pattern hemp sole shoes machine equipment is commonly known as shoe machine equipment is one of the hot selling series of our factory.

This shoe machine could sew side edge patterns of varieties of shoe styles and there are 12 species patterns to replace  .

The pattern matching of the machine is realized by the cooperation of multiple groups of cam mechanisms, which is stable and reliable.

The appearance of this machine is different from ordinary flat sewing machine, which belongs to special sewing shoe  machine for pattern making .

The pattern changement of this machine is realized by changing the needle and faceplate. It should be noted that the faceplate and needle need to be adjust together.

The pattern hemp sole shoes machine equipment sewing pattern is various, can choose the appropriate pattern according to the customer's preference.

Machine sewing speed is very quick , daily output is very expectable.

This  GR-188 hemp sole shoes machine equipment has a patent for invention and it is a mature technology of the machine.


Pattern hemp sole shoes machine equipment 's characteristics 


Pictures  of   hemp sole shoes machine equipment




It is especially suitable for sewing hemp sole shoes :


Information  of  us


1.As a leading shoemaking company in China, we provide all kinds of special sewing shoemaking machinery

2.Only you will send shoe samples to us,through proofing in kind shall prevail, for you to match the most appropriate model.

3.Custom service can be provided for customers under special circumstances.