Side Seam Pattern Sewing Machine

Side Seam Pattern Sewing Machine
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Introduction of side seam pattern sewing machine


This machine is designed to sew the side lines of various footwear. The difference from the ordinary sewing machine is that the sewing patterns are various.

This pattern machine has been developed by our technicians and has won the national invention patent.

The machine has been at an advanced level through many years of improved performance and is very stable.

We provide online guidance, encounter problems related to the machine, will do our best to answer your questions, to ensure that you operate the machine smoothly.(we can add the wechat account,13915610068 is my wechat ID).

The details of side seam pattern sewing machine



There are a total of 12 different patterns here,which are divided into single-needle-stitched patterns

and double-needle-stitched patterns.


Some shoe samples made by pattern machine


The other patterns we can made ,you can send us your shoes and we sewing patterns for you.


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