Shoe Sole Stitching Machine

Shoe Sole Stitching Machine
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Features of shoe sole stitching machine


A.Shoe sole stitching machine is a special shoe sewing machinery. It is mainly designed for sewing the sole side stitching of unlike shoes
B.The ox horn and the whole arm of the machine can be discharge ,then install the another part to sew other kinds of style. 

C.The ox horn of this shoe sole stitching machine is unique, and its structure is mainly physical machinery. The weight is heavier than 268A because of the extra construction  on ox horn.

D.All parts of this machinery are made of machines imported from the USA.
The quality of this machine is the first in the industry and feedback is particularly good from  all customers who buy it. 

E.We have a dedicated design department and staff to continually optimize and promote the machinery so that users can achieve the best results of the experience
F.As we all know ,the traditional technology can't compare with the advanced technology. this machine is much more efficient than the traditional one.
G.The money spent on a shoe machine will become more valuable by sewing countless pairs of shoes

Basic information of shoe sole  machine


Photo of the needle head



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