188S ramie sole shoes side seam pattern insole sewing machine

Product Details

Description of ramie sole shoes pattern sewing machine

1.Pattern sewing machine is commonly known as the pattern machine is one of the side seam pattern series of the factory.

2.Applicable to the side line pattern sewing of all kinds of shoes, free replacement of more than ten kinds of patterns (including single needle and double needle)

3.The conversion of the pattern can be realized by the use of the cam and the needle (a part of the cam is provided at the time of shipment and other items can be purchased separately)

4.There are many patterns in the machine. So you can choose the appropriate pattern according to the style of the shoes.For example, you can choose E-type or square for making ramie sole shoes.

5.The sewing efficiency of the machine is high. The aesthetics of the stitch can still reach a high level.

6.The side seam pattern machine has invention patents and certificates such as CE.

7.This pattern sewing machine adopts electronic motor, stepless speed regulation, the needle stop position is controlled by computer, the presser foot is automatically raised, the operation is convenient and the performance is stable.


Details of side seam pattern insole sewing machine

Technical parameter:

Sewing speed

Less than 400 r/min


Double lock

Stitch length

4-10 mm

The thickness of the sewing 

CP * 6 (27 #/ 25 # )


Single-phase 220 v / 750 w / 50 to 60 hz

Machine net weight

195 kg


1. It is mainly suitable for all kinds of footwear side line pattern sewing, there are 12 kinds of sewing patterns to be chosen from.

2. All the parts adopt the original HAAS CNC machine tool processing, which are of high precision.

3. Electronic speed motors can be used flexibly, stopping the needle position via computer control.


Some shoe samples made by side seam pattern insole sewing machine

side wall pattern display.jpg


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