Shoe-border Stitching Machine

Shoe-border Stitching Machine
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Product Details

Description of shoe-border stitching machine

As a leading enterprise in this industry, we provide a series of footwear sewing machines.
1. Equipped with countertops, supports and  HS motors.
2. The factory's shoemaking sewing machine can sew and lock all kinds of shoes.
3. This special shoe-border stitching machine is one of the main models with reliable quality and reasonable price.
4. This kind of shoe-border stitching machine is similar to GR-168 industrial shoe making machine . many of the shoes sewn are the same, especially suitable for sewing labor protection shoes.

5. The sewing position of the shoe-border stitching machine can be side edge processing or bottom edge processing of shoes
6. The shoe-border sewing machine is versatile and can directly replace the horn head on the machine to realize the conversion of side seam to bottom seam.
7. The needle height can be adjusted to adapt to materials with different thicknesses.


The details of shoe-border stitching machine


safety shoes machine.jpg

This machine mainly to stitch the shoes like labour shoes whose materia material is very hard and thick.

All the parts are made by our HAAS CNC equipment ,the accuracy is very good.

The  advantage of shoe-border stitching machine

Our 31 years old factory has been doing very well. why, because of the good quality, there are many repeat customers, which is an advantage.
Our workers have a long working life and work together to ensure quality level by level.
All machines and parts are produced by recognized equipment of good quality, such as HS motor andHAAS CNC machine.

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