Shoe Upper Sewing Machine

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Industrion of shoe upper sewing machine

1.This shoe upper sewing machine is a special industrial machine for baby shoes or children shoes.

2.Under normal circumstances, the machine can sew either the side or the bottom,but this children's machine in addition to sewing the side edges of children's shoes while can sew the stitches on the front side of footwear one time. please refer to the samples below for details.

3.This children's shoe upper sewing machine is very similar to the other model 268E, but the horn head is different in size, this machine is smaller in size, so the  shoes are sewn in different sizes,more functions.

4.Children's shoes are usually smaller, in order to cater to this feature ,the horn size is samll.

5.Warm tip: in order to match the most suitable model when contacting us, it is best to attach a shoe-like photo so that we can recommend the most suitable shoe machine for you to achieve the best sewing experience.After all, there are so many kinds of shoes on the market that we can't judge them just by our senses.


Details of shoe upper sewing machine



Part samples are as follows


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