slipper making machine manufacturer

slipper making machine manufacturer
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Introduction to slipper making machine 

1.This slipper shoemaking machine is one of the few single-line single-needle shoe-making machine in Greatrich company.

2.This slipper shoemaking machine  is suitable for sewing side edges of shoes with sports style and leisure style.
3.The machine has no shuttles and forms unique chain stitches through a thread - hooking device.
4 .Slipper shoemaking  machine horn head is very small, so small shoes can also be sewn.
5.This machine own  quality assurance.
6.The front pedal is the forward motion, neutral is the stop motion, and the rear pedal is the presser foot lifting motion. So as to facilitatated to put shoes into that elbow seat of the thread hook.
7 .The height of the outer presser foot and the inner presser foot can be changed when sewing materials with large elasticity or large segment difference.



Introduction to the corn of the slipper making machine


Photo of finished shoes maded by slipper making machine


Other details of  slipper making machine



sinple needle shoe machine.jpg

Warm prompt for machine maintenance: 

Please clean presser foot and thread hook around the machine regularly according to the use 

degree of the machine, so as to keep the machine clean.

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