Stitching Machine

Stitching Machine
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Description of Stitching machine


1.Stitching machine is designed and produced by GreatRich factory and it has a patent for invention.

2.Stitching machine is mainly suitable for all kinds of shoes with beautifu and smooth edge decorative stitches.
3.Stitching machine is designed for rotary shuttles. it operates fast, labor - saving, and efficient.
4.This machine belongs to GR-168 side seam series machine, quality assurance and durability.
5.All parts and components of this machine equipment are made of Haas equipment imported from the United States with extremely high precision.
6.After purchase, provide parts supply and contact us directly to ensure quality.
7.The rotation of this machine adopts clutch type. when the load is greater than the maximum load, the motor will automatically stop to prevent the machine parts from being damaged.
8.The machine uses cotton thread and round thread. You can choose the right line according to your footwear needs.

Details of the stitching machine


168ZS-decorative stitches machine.jpg

Some questions

1. Do you have overseas service market?
Overseas services are being prepared, so far,online service is available.

28. How many devices can you supply at one time?
Booking in advance can meet any order quantity of you.

2.What should I do if I fill in the wrong address after purchase?

In order to avoid this situation, we will check with you that the address changes in time before shipment.

3. How many sets do you sell each year?
Because of the reliable quality, 168 series alone sold more than 1,000 sets and the rest about 500 sets in a year.

4. What are the advantages of your factory compared with other manufacturers?
All parts of our machine are made of HAAS equipment imported from America with high accuracy. All machines are produced by ourselves. We have been developing and producing high-quality machines in line with the principle of quality first, and we only produce high-quality machines.

5. What brand is your motor and what is its quality?
The motor adopts Taiwan HS motor with excellent quality.

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