168 Indoor slippers Roller skates double thread insole sewing machine

Product Details

Description of 168 Indoor slippers Roller skates double thread insole sewing machine


Technical parameter:

Sewing speed

Stepless speed regulating


Double lock

Stitch length


Sewing thickness


Sewing needle



750W/ 220V one-phase 50-60hz
750W/ 380V three-phase 50-60hz

Net weight


Domestic packing gross weight


Domestic packing parameter

118*65*140(L*W*H) cm

Exported packing gross weight

192 Kg

Exported packing parameter

114*66*144(L*W*H) cm


1. This machine has a standard ox horn head, it is suitable for sports shoes, casual shoes,roller skates side seam locking type sideline processing.

2. All parts of indoor slippers sewing machines are manufactured by HAAS CNC machines. The machining parts have high precision.

3.168 double thread sewing machines use computer location, the motor can automatically locate and lift presser foot, the running speed can be set up by users, the speed can reach 1000r/min.

4.168 double thread sewing machines adopt light design of rocker mechanism to make the operators hardly fatigued.

Shoe photos which can be stitched by 168 Indoor slippers Roller skates sewing machine


These shoe photos are just part can

 be stitch by 168 

double thread 

inshoe sewing 

machine,so if there are no photos you are want to stitch,

pls contact us and send the shoe 

so that we can 

choose the sutable shoe machine for 



Answer your doubts

1. How long will your deliver the goods?
Generally speaking, goods/products can be delivered within 5 - 7 days when they are in stock.

2. Do you provide custom service?
Yes, if it is within our scope, we can provide customized services.

3. Do you support OEM?
Yes, the machine is of excellent quality and willing to provide OEM production

4. DoI need to install the machine after purchase?
Generally speaking, debugging and installation will be carried out according to your requirements before shipment, without your initial installation./needn’t you install

5. What models do you have in your side seam series?

168SC 168ZS  169 268A 269 and other side sewing machines which can sew the different shoes 

6. Do you have any machines which stitch decorating thread ?
Yes, the side seam series has 168ZS and the sole series has 203.You can ask us directly by model number.

7. How expensive is your machine?
Different varieties of our machines have different prices, ranging from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

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