Slipper Sewing Machine

Slipper Sewing Machine
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Introduction of slipper sewing machine

This slipper machine is a equipment for making slippers. It is mainly used to sew the edge of the slippers to fix the connection between the upper and the sole of the slippers.

When the machine is sold, the customer is provided with a backup of the consumable parts so that the customer can replace it in time.

The speed is adjustable,the quality is good.


Details of slipper sewing machine

The slipper sewing machine is dedicated to the shuttle and the braided wire. The shuttle swings from side to side and is not prone to knotting. The stitching of the braided wire is also better.

This shoe making machine can also use the hook, customers can choose the model of the shuttle or hook according to their needs.

This machine's unique 45 degree elevation angle is more suitable for sewing edges like Arabic slippers,becides it can stitch the soccer shoes.

All parts of the machine are made by Haas CNC machine tools with high precision and durability.


The slipper,soccer shoes samples


The advantage of GreatRich factory

Large-scale production and processing workshops only for the production of specialized special sewing machines.

Original imported parts processing equipment, Haas CNC machine tools to ensure the accuracy level of each part.

Excellent location, convenient transportation, convenient shipping.

Fast shipping speed and quality assurance.

The part photos of  workshop