168T double needle double thread insole sewing or stitching machine

Product Details

Description of double needle &thread  insole sewing machine

1.168T insole sewing machine is a double-needle sewing shoe machine with beautiful and uniform stitches in GreatRich side sewing series.

2.168T double needle double thread insole sewing machine is mainly used for sewing double line edges of all kinds of shoes, such as sports shoes, leisure shoes, etc.

3.The appearance of this machine is the same as GR-168 single needle side sewing machine without much difference, and the size of horn shuttle is the same.

4.The stitches of double thread machine are parallel lines with smooth stitches, which can be completed at one time.
5.168T double thread insole stitching machine is one of the most mature models in GreatRich with high repurchase rate.
6.168T double needle stitching machine has stock and can be delivered quickly if ordered.



The paremeter of 168T double needle insole stitching machine


Some questions 

1.how many workers are there in your factory?

In addition to the office r & d team, there are more than 60 people in our factory who are in production line positions.

2. what pre-sale services do you provide?
We provide proofing service, on-site testing and matching the suitable machines model and send shoe samples as well as sample videos  to you, after you are satisfied with them, then buy them.

3. what can I do if I buy your machine and it won't be used?
You don't have to worry that our machine will be attached with instructions, and we can provide operation videos, online inquiries which are enable you to operate smoothly.

4. How do you package and transport the machine?
We use iron pallet packaging machine and fumigated wooden cases as external packaging.

5. Do you provide spare parts for free if the machine is damaged?

If it is our reason, you can replace damaged parts for free. if it is caused by improper operation, you can buy from us and pay the freight.


Welcome to buy the good-quality 168T double needle double thread insole sewing or stitching machine from our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. The good after-ale service and fast delivery are offered by our factory.