Heavy Duty Shoe Sewing Machine

Heavy Duty Shoe Sewing Machine
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Brief introduction of heavy duty shoe sewing machine

1.Heavy duty shoe sewing machine is one of GreatRich’s tubular products

2.This Heavy duty  machine is mainly suitable for sewing the edges of all kinds of shoes, cylinders and beach shoes.
3.The machine needle of this machine is a straight needle and the sewing adopts a single-needle shuttle structure to form a double-thread lock stitch.
4.The heavy duty shoe sewing machine is specially constructed as a cylinder-type sewing table top as shown in the main drawing.
5.The presser foot of this machine is specially designed to better sew the inner edge of shoes.
6.The power of the heavy shoe machine is provided by a computer-controlled motor, and the presser foot automatic lifting operation is simple and convenient.


Details of heavy duty shoe sewing machine


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Representative stitchable shoe samples of heavy shoe machine


We can clearly see that the stitch of this heavy shoe machine is uniform and beautiful

and the stitch size can be adjusted.

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